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GENTECH offers a range of high-quality, small to medium-sized, portable diesel and petrol generators, water pumps and high-pressure washers.

New innovations have allowed for the introduction of pure sine wave and digital portable petrol generators.

These generators are super silent and compact in design and offer home and business owners superior and alternate power solutions.

In addition, our new range of hybrid inverters are also now available.

 Our machines are tough, reliable, and manufactured to withstand the harsh African climate and conditions.

 Gentech Power offers a new 2 year product warranty against all manufacturer defects.

Run Your Gentech Hybrid Inverter Using Solar & Preserve The Life Span Of Your Batteries During Load Shedding.

Gentech power 800w solar hybrid inverter system

Gentech power 1600w solar hybrid inverter system

Gentech hybrid solar inverter system

Are you considering purchasing a Gentech Hybrid Solar Inverter System? Then you need to read this…


Flat batteries and or reduced running time are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Should you experience a reduction in running time please recharge the batteries for ± 48 hours or consider purchasing new ones. Premature damage to the battery due to improper use is not covered by the manufacturer warranty.

It must be noted that lead acid, AGM and gel batteries are not ideally suited for frequent, long, and deep discharges as currently experienced with load shedding. These types of batteries require a minimum of 48-72 hours of uninterrupted charging after each discharge to ensure they perform as specified. Load shedding directly reduces the capacity, performance and life span of these batteries which are beyond the manufacturers control.

The Gentech Power Battery charge cycles are rated to last as follows:

  • 100% Depth of Discharge = +- 350 Charge Cycles
  • 80% Depth of Discharge = +- 520 Charge Cycles
  • 50% Depth of Discharge = +- 730 Charge Cycles

Due to the current and continuous load shedding, these cycles can be depleted between 3 to 6 months. Once these charge cycles are depleted, the battery will have reached its “end of life” and will need to be replaced immediately.

We recommend that during Load Shedding Stage 3 – 6 that the inverter power switch is turned “OFF”. Only use the inverter when urgently required.

Load shedding has affected everyone in some way or another. Unfortunately, it is a stark reality that it has now become part of our everyday life, and this will certainly not be changing in the short term.

Home and Business Owners are looking at all different solutions to ease the pain of load shedding. Some are going off the grid, whilst others are investing in large and or portable generators and some are turning their hopes to inverters and UPS’s.

All these alternate power options and or solutions come with their own challenges.

Gentech Solar Hybrid Inverters are available in both 800- and 1600-Watt and are equipped with 100 AH AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) 12 Volt Batteries. Although these batteries are designed for frequent charge / discharge they are hugely compromised by the extreme levels of load shedding that all South Africans are experiencing.

Inverters are certainly not “miracle workers” so it is important to understand the capabilities vs expectations prior to making a purchase. The long and the short of it is that inverters are designed to supply emergency back power for short periods of time and that extreme load shedding will affect the performance of an inverter.

Most Inverters /UPS’s are not designed with a BMS (Battery Management System) and require anything from 24-48 hours to charge the batteries in between power outages. Charging the batteries for shorter periods will affect both the life span and running time.

AGM Rechargeable Batteries have limited charge cycles. These charge cycles vary in number depending on the level of discharge when in use. (Please refer to our product page to read more information on this). Currently the expected lifespan of these batteries can be as little as 3 – 6 months before having to replace them, whilst the run time can be reduced to only 30 – 60 minutes depending on the level of charge of the battery and what is connected to the inverter. Unfortunately, this can be very frustrating and very expensive. The warranty given by the manufacturer on the batteries is 7 days whilst the inverter head has a 12-month warranty.

Remember to do your research prior making a purchase and balance the level of capabilities vs expectation.