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The Complete Guide to Inverter Generators​

The Complete Guide to Inverter Generators​

Since 2007, South Africans have experienced multiple periods of loadshedding due to the country’s inability to supply electricity. During these periods, power is rationed across the country and across municipalities. You need power to run your campsite, worksite, food truck, or simply supply electricity during a loadshedding. Portable batteries can be useful, or you can even use portable solar or wind power. But you often need more energy than these sources can provide. Inverter generators are an ideal solution you need when it comes to efficiency and reliability.

What is a Generator?
Generators convert mechanical or motive power into electrical energy. When you cannot access an electrical outlet in a building and are experiencing loadshedding in your area, generators give you the electric power you need. Compared to standard or traditional generators, inverter generators are easily portable and tend to be quieter and more fuel-efficient.

How Does an Inverter Generator Work?
First, let’s take a look at how a generator works. Generators have two main parts:

  • the engine
  • the alternator

There are two other important components within the alternator:

  • a rotor
  • a stator

In general, the engine runs on fuel to turn its shaft. Alternating current (AC) is created by a magnet on the shaft. The alternator rotor also turns as a result of this current. Through a magnetic field, the rotor generates power in the stator, which is a coil of wire that does not move, and this current is sent to the control panel of the generator. As soon as this happens, you’ll be able to plug in your power tools and run your appliances via your generator, letting you work or watch TV while you wait for the power to come back on!

With traditional generators, the current produced has a high total harmonic distortion (THD). This means that it’s not the same power you get from an outlet at home, and it’s not as “clean”. Traditional generators offer a lot of power, which can be useful for commercial and industrial use but dangerous in others because they can damage sensitive devices and appliances like TVs, computers, and smartphones.

An inverter generator, on the other hand, works differently. AC power produced by the alternator is converted into direct current (DC) power by a rectifier. A computer inside the whole machine then inverts the DC power back to AC power before sending it over to the control panel. Electrical current supplied by inverter generators is “cleaner”, safer, and surge-free. A normal household appliance, gadget, or device can be powered safely by the current produced by an inverter generator.

The Benefits of Inverter Generators
Inverter generators may cost more than traditional generators and don’t provide the same power, but they have some advantages. Inverter generators are:

  • Surge-free
  • Safer
  • Quieter
  • Lightweight
  • Easily portable
  • More fuel-efficient
  • More eco-friendly

If you’re going camping, heading out bush for the day, or seeking a backup energy source during loadshedding, inverter generators are a better option than standard generators. The quiet petrol-powered generators still require petrol, but they emit fewer carbon emissions than their standard counterparts. These reasons make it one of your best generators for day-to-day use and Gentech offers a wide range of inverters.

Need to Know: Safety and Inverter Generators

There is always a warning attached to every great invention. As inverter generators run on petrol, it’s crucial that you always run them outdoors or in a very well-ventilated area. The fumes generated by small generators are dangerous, posing a risk to your health indoors or in enclosed spaces. To avoid carbon monoxide emissions, run your generator at least 6 metres away from your home or building, with the exhaust directed away from all windows and doors.

Now that you know everything you need to know about Gentech’s inverter generators, you can choose the best solution for your worksite, home or vacation space.

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